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Robert Harker is a Senior Consultant with Harker Systems. His experience spans over 22 years starting at Sun Microsystems where he was responsible for installing the marketing trade show networks including the 2nd and 3rd Sun User's group meetings. Since then he has built and managed networks for software development, semiconductor, systems integrators and other companies. Mr. Harker has been a private consultant and instructor for the last 18 years working with a wide range of clients and teaching a comprehensive series of UNIX TCP/IP networking courses at UC Santa Cruz, Extension. For the last two years he has specialized in Internet electronic mail and sendmail teaching the only public seminar on sendmail offered around the country.

Robert is also known to be a collector of old Sun hardware. He owns a Sun 2/100u workstation and a Sun2/150 server. These are the original multibus machines that Sun started with. As he likes to say: "There is a Sun 2/100u in the Smithsonian, but his is older." He is looking for a couple of Fujitsu Eagle disk drives to add to his server. He also has a smattering of Sun3/50’s, Sun3/60’s and Sun3/160’s.

And yes, Robert has to admit it, "HE IS A vi wanker"

He does not use a fancy html front end, he just hacks the html itself, and he does it with his favorite editor, vi.
No gui, no mouse, no buttons, just the the standard keyboard.

He as finally gotten acustomed to the escape key being in the wrong place on his laptop.

Robert Harker
Harker Systems
4182 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Lincoln, CA 95648
Phone: +1-530-210-1101
Email: harker at harker dot com
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