OIDs and Structured Document Tables

All the elements (rows) of the first section including list and budget table can be retrieved with mock-up API call like:

A Structured Document Rendered HTML

To render the table data for OID 1 as HTML:
Note the .html extension in the mock-up API call.

The look-up API call returns the HTML code to generate this table:

1. Preamble

This is a demonstration of a strucured document.

1.1 Welcome

This city is a great place to live. We are proud of:

  • Our proud history.
  • Our Diversity.

1.2 Summary

This is a great budget.

1.2.2 Summary Summary of the Budget

City Operating Budget
CHANGES for 15-16REVISED 2015-16
General Fund92.45M2.63M95.08M
Special Revenue Funds16.07M0.08M16.15M
Enterprise Funds29.08M(0.56M)28.52M
Total City Operating Budget137.60M2.15M139.75M

All the elements (rows) of just the list can be retrieved with mock-up API call like:


1.1.4 Features Features of our City

  • Our proud history.
  • Our Diversity.