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Harker Systems is now just Robert Harker.

Open Data

I am currently working on Public Open Data. In particular I am working on finding interesting datasets for the County of San Mateo's Open Data portal:

I am writing about my work on:
Open Data Information

Past Talks and Interests

My BayLISA talk on managing "pet" server configurations using git:
Using Git To Document System Configurations: Managing Pet Server Configurations With Version Control

Something I wrote about understanding sizing issues with OpenStack servers:
Cloud Hardware Math: OpenStack Production Server Sizing and Configuration

I went to the PerconaLive conference and it got me thinking about managing database security in a data center:
Data Security In A Web FE/API/MySQL/Big Data Environment

The gaming and cosplay communities acceptance of rape threats against women and girls is a pervasive problem most people are unaware of.
My college age daughter got her first rape threat when she was eleven. She has a comments about why it starts at such a young age:
A Geek Girl gets her first gaming/cosplay community rape threat around age 11

My blog on technology and other personal interests: Robert Harker's blog

Some articles I have written and am writing:
Robert Harker's technical articles

California and SF Bay Area History

Robert Harker's Califronia Hisotry Pages
"Almost Forgotten, Cartoon Pen and Inklings of the Old Santa Clara Valley"

If you are looking for the Harker School or Harker Academy please go here. A very fine school.

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